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District ID: Username and Password

Where does the District ID work?
District ID: Usernames explained
District ID: Password Rules
Forgot your Password
How to change your own password
Removing Remembered Passwords
Keyring Issues

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Course: District ID and Password Information
Book: District ID: Username and Password
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Date: Thursday, 19 April 2018, 1:56 PM

District Account Creation

Accounts are automatically created for all users at the District level.  

Each account has a Username and a Password

It is possible that there will be a delay in accounts being created while paperwork moves through the system.  

New accounts should be created in less than 72 hours.

Your District ID will allow you to login to...

Where does the District ID work?

A "District ID" covers the following applications

  • School Networks: Linux and Windows
  • Zimbra
  • School Websites (Moodle)
  • The HUB (Moodle)
  • G Suite (GAFE)
  • ESS 
  • Terminal Server

It does not cover MyEdBC

District ID: Usernames explained

The "username" is always...the characters preceding in your email address

If your name is John Smith, your username is...jsmith or johnsmith 

It is never john_smith or j_smith and it does not include Capital letters.

District ID: Password Rules

  • At least 8 characters
  • At least 1 special character ie !,$,%
  • At least 1 number

Forgot your Password?

District IT staff and School Techs will NEVER ask for your password. 

To reset a forgotten password you must...

For all of the following items...

  • School Servers
  • Zimbra
  • School Websites
  • The HUB
  • G Suite (GAFE)
  • ESS
  1. See your school site tech
  2. Call HELPDESK 250-652-7336
For MyEd BC...

  • Go to the Login Screen for MyEd BC and click "I Forgot My Password" to fix the issue yourself

If you are unable to fix the issue

  • Call 250-652-7336

How to change your own password

In your Web Browser (Google Chrome, Firefox etc)

1. Navigate to

2. Login using your District ID

3. Click on Password

4. Type in Current Password and New Password (Rules) Click Submit

Removing Remembered Passwords

Browsers often prompt users to remember passwords for web applications.  This can be a problem when users change these passwords because the browser may not update to the new password.

Click the links to remove remembered passwords in Firefox and Google Chrome

Keyring Issues

When users have changed their District ID password they may get the following message when using Google Chrome.  

Chrome needs to learn the new District ID password to update the Login Keyring.  

Follow the steps below to correct this issue

1. Click Cancel on the pop-up message above

2. Close Google Chrome

3. Click on the DASH Home and begin typing "key" or "password"


4. Click on the "Passwords and Keys" icon

5. Right-Click on the word "Login" under Passwords

IF you remember your old password you can click "Change Password"

IF you cannot remember your old password then click "Delete" 

6. Open Google Chrome

7. Login to one of the following....G Suite, Moodle, Zimbra  

8. You may be asked to enter your new password one more time