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Project 2020 Update

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Project 2020 Update
by Scott Stinson - Monday, 4 April 2016, 3:47 PM

Project 2020

Welcome back from Spring Break and welcome to Phase 2 of Project 2020 as we get ready for our second Community Forum on the evening of April 19, 2016 (6:30 to 9:00 pm) at Bayside Middle School.

Check out the Project 2020 website for background and updates, and please take a few moments to complete the follow-up Survey from the January 14, 2016 Community Forum (visit, and invite others to complete the survey as well). To see the Project 2020 website including all of our updates visit

The April Forum will continue to explore our four lines of inquiry – Value and Connection, Strengths and Uniqueness, Trends and Opportunities, and Looking Ahead.

We’ll review and validate the feedback from Forum 1 and, most importantly, seek your input on specific strategies and ideas for moving forward. Our focus on “design and delivery” will build on the input to date and further move us along the Appreciative Inquiry cycle.

Watch for further updates and announcements over the next few weeks.

Feedback from the January Forum

Thanks to all of the planners and participants that took time from their busy schedules to engage with us during our first Community Forum on January 14/16. The Forums are an integral part of the Project 2020 threefold agenda:

  • to build collaborative relationships across the districts

  • to inform our key decisions for our Project 2020 Strategic Plan

  • to explore our image and brand in the emerging context

Thanks as well for the follow-up reports from Lochside Elementary School and online reports that helped to “widen the circle” of conversation.

A preliminary overview of the data has been presented to the Board, and the Project 2020 sub-committees continue to scan the feedback to inform planning.

Big idea so far: Feedback and data from the Forum and subsequent activities clearly indicate that School District #63 has a solid platform from which to embrace current and future challenges. Not surprisingly, the data confirms that our key strengths are in our people and the relationships among us.

What Matters Most

While institutions are guided by rules, communities take direction from the stories they share, and the legacy of the January 14, 2016 Forum affirms our collective belief in the power of caring relationships, learning opportunities, capacity for collaboration and change, and an unwavering focus on meeting the educational needs of all learners.

Here’s the initial feedback on how well the January Forum met its intended goals and a summary of what you identified as most important to keep top of mind.

Thanks for helping make it a success. See you on April 19, 2016 to continue the work.