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Project 2020 Forum #2 Countdown

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Project 2020 Forum #2 Countdown
by Scott Stinson - Thursday, 14 April 2016, 8:13 PM

Project 2020

Strategic Planning Spring Forum (see the attachment below for a detailed agenda)

School District 63 Saanich

Tuesday • April 19, 2016 • 6:00 to 9:00 pm

Bayside Middle School • 1101 Newton Place, Brentwood Bay


We hope to see you next Tuesday evening to continue the important work on Saanich School District’s strategic plan.

Join us for an informative evening and help shape the future of Saanich Schools. We’ll start the formal agenda at 6:30, but come early and enjoy snacks, music by Stelly’s Jazz band, and a poster display of the work from January.

We continue to study the ideas, patterns and insights from the data, and look forward to sharing highlights with you. The Spring Forum will lead us into the next stage of Project 2020, resulting in a blueprint for the next cycle of our work together. Help us get it right.

Spring Forum Conversation Framework:

      What Matters Most: Did we get it right?
      2020: The best we can imagine?
     Designing the Future: Enablers and barriers?


Please confirm your attendance by sending an email to Stanya Watson


See you Tuesday night.