Inserting a Graphic

Make sure that your images are resized before you Insert them in moodle

    • SIR - Bulk resizer
    • Shotwell - Simple edits and resize single graphic
    • Gimp - Complex edits and resize single graphic

Appropriate sizes for Moodle.....

    • Lightbox Gallery ~ 600 px wide
    • Front Page Forum Posts ~ 600 px wide

Appropriate format for Moodle

    • JPG
    • PNG

Cameras take photos that are larger than 3000 px.   Large graphics >3000px will effect the functionality of the page/site for all users.  This must be avoided.  Resizing in Moodle is not recommended as pictures are not "truly resized"

Inserting an Image can be done a few ways....

A. Drag and Drop into editor or Drag and Drop as a file

B. Menu steps (Allows more controls over process)

1. Click on Insert Image icon

Insert an Image

2. Click on Browse repositories

3. Click on Choose file and browse for your image then click Upload this file

4. Click Save Image

insert image4 (1).png

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