Using Multimedia filters to embed Youtube automatically

Automatically embed Youtube videos
Common Workflow:  Embed a Youtube video in a Page resource or Forum Post
Turning on the filter
Filters are controlled per course
Course > Administration > Filters > Multimedia Plugins = On.   Teacher role will allow this change at the course level.
Course Administration- Filter.png

Getting a working youtube link
  1. Do not copy the address from the navigation bar, but should scroll down and 
  2. Click on share and copy the address located in the drop down menu below the video

Posting to a Forum
  1. Click on "Add new discussion"
  2. Type some text into the editor like "Amazing Kid-Story....." 
  3. Click on the "insert a web link" button
  4. Link the text to your videotext linked to and the video will automatically become embedded in the post or resource. 
Last modified: Monday, 8 December 2014, 8:44 AM