How to use "Upload Users"


  • If a user on our system logs in they are given an account automatically on the Moodle website.
  • There are very few reasons to bulk upload users in our system.  Caution should be used to ensure that user profile data is not lost or changed.  ie email address.

Site Administration > Users > Accounts > Upload Users

Example workflow...Adding Grads to a Grad Cohort.

UPLOAD #1  Use the "Template LDAP users Bulk Upload" to Bulk upload the GRADs  to ensure that all grads have accounts.  Set upload type to "Add new only, skip existing users" to ensure email addresses are not changed.

Upload type.png

Also ensure if you are loading students with generic emails that you set Prevent Email Duplicates to NO

UPLOAD #2  Use the "Template LDAP users add to cohort" to Bulk add students to Cohort.  (This template does not contain an email field so emails cannot be changed).   Set upload type to "Update existing users only". In UPLOAD #1 all GRADs were added to the site.

Update existing users.png

Last modified: Thursday, 4 February 2016, 8:49 AM