News Spotlights

News Spotlight is a block that can be added to the Front Page of a Moodle Site.

  1. Turn editing on → Add Block → News Spotlight
  2. Drag to Block to Header Region
  3. Click on Gear icon to configure Block
  4. Each block has three "items" available. Items will only show if some content is added to the item.
  5. All content is optional. You can have an item with no image, or only a title, or no link.
  6. To add more than three "items" add a second News Spotlight Block to the page.


Square graphics are resized to 64px x 64px. If you upload a graphic that is not square it will automatically resize the largest dimension to 64px. ie 200px x 170px would be resized to 64px x 54px.

Unlike Forum Posts this is a true resize. When the file is uploaded a new resized version is created and the original file is deleted. If you want to retain a larger format version of the file you need to save that in another location.

Block position

There are two regions the block is designed to go in. The "Header" region stretches across the full width of the page. The "Summary" region is at the top of the main content area and fits between the sidebars like a forum post. Depending on your site and content one region or the other may work better. With editing turned on you can drag the block from one region to another. Or on the block configuration page you can choose the region in the "Where this block appears" section.

New Spots.png

Last modified: Thursday, 22 January 2015, 3:45 PM