Manage Forum Subscriptions

1. Login

2. Navigate to your Course/Page

3. Turn Editing On

4. Click on Gear icon on Forum Subscriptions

Configure Forum Subscriptions.png

5. Click on "Configure Forum Subscriptions Block"

6. Click on Show/edit current subscribers

Show Edit Current subscribers.png

7. Each forum shows the number of subscribers beside it. This is also a hot link to look at the list of subscribers (see below).

8. By clicking on the hot links (1 subscriptions) you can see the list of subscribers to an individual forum and unsubscribe an individual.

9. All the subscriptions from a single forum can be removed in a single step.

Select the forum(s) you want to purge and click on "Remove all subscriptions from selected forums" under Clear Subscriptions

Last modified: Friday, 5 June 2015, 2:03 PM