Keyring Issues

When users have changed their District ID password they may get the following message when using Google Chrome.  

Chrome needs to learn the new District ID password to update the Login Keyring.  

Follow the steps below to correct this issue

1. Click Cancel on the pop-up message above

2. Close Google Chrome

3. Click on the DASH Home and begin typing "key" or "password"


4. Click on the "Passwords and Keys" icon

5. Right-Click on the word "Login" under Passwords

IF you remember your old password you can click "Change Password"

IF you cannot remember your old password then click "Delete" 

6. Open Google Chrome

7. Login to one of the following....G Suite, Moodle, Zimbra  

8. You may be asked to enter your new password one more time

Last modified: Thursday, 21 June 2018, 4:17 PM