Topic outline

  • Background Information

    What does JAMF do?

    • Allows management of a group of iPads with the same settings

    • Allows Apps to be added all at once (generally done after school)

    • Uses a system called Self Service to put Apps on the device for installation by the user

    • Controls App updates and IOS updates and schedules them to occur at night when it won’t affect internet bandwidth in schools

    • Allows inventory tracking and Find my iPhone

    iPad Groups

    • iPads at each school are grouped into “like” devices.  You will need to know the group name for the iPads you are requesting Apps be added too.

    Volume Purchase Program (VPP)

    • When Apps are purchased in sets of 20 or more we qualify for the Volume Purchase Program.  This usually works out to about 50% though there are Apps that don’t have a discount.

    • Requesting Apps

      Requesting all Apps by submitting a ticket through

      Details to include in your ticket

      • Name of School
      • Name of iPad Group and number of devices
      • List Apps:  
      • Include the GL # that will be billed for any paid Apps are not free

      Example Ticket


      Subject:  Keating iPad App request

      Message body:

      Please add these 2 apps to the Keating iPad group called “Keating Learning Commons iPads”.  This group has 22 iPads.


      GreenScreen by Do Ink

      This is a paid app and the cost will be charged to GL# ABC1234DEF