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    In the new K-12 Student Reporting Policy, student self-reflection of the Core Competencies and student goal setting is required with two written learning updates and the summary report card (3 times per year). Over the course of the year, students are to reflect and set goals in all three Core Competency areas. Teachers may choose to focus on one competency per term.

    For the 2023/2024 school year, in each term:

    • Students record their reflections and goals using one of the district templates (found below)
    • Students are to take this reflection home and share it with their parents.
    • This reflection does not need to be copied or stored.
    • A message will automatically be added on all report cards indicating that the reflection has been completed and will be brought home by the student.
    • The administration at each school will determine the process/logistics. (For example, determining a date/time/block or date/time range for completion)

    We recognize that there are many ways to reflect and set goals on the Core Competencies, Over time, we will review other approaches.

  • Intermediate Templates

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