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  • Évaluation de littératie du district scolaire

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    L'Evalution de littératie du district scolaire has been created for Saanich French Immersion students in grades K-8. 
    The fall assessments are intended to be used by teachers as an assessment for learning to determine baseline information and then monitor the ongoing development of students decoding, comprehension skills, and reading strategies. 
    The spring DLA assessment is an assessment of learning. The District collects and collates the results of the spring assessments in order to determine themes to focus on and support.
    The grade k, 1 and 2 assessments include critical reading targets: phonological and phonemic awareness, phonics, and sight words.
    The grade 3-8 assessments include both reading response and running record sections (oral component). 
    This resource is meant to be used in conjunction with other tools such as teacher observation and conversations, reading assignments, BC Proficiency Standards, and other assessments identified for use at the school level.

    These assessments have been adapted with permission from LesPlans Educational Services LTD and the Primary Assessment of Reading (PARS)/ALPIN from NLPS Learns.

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