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    Prior to using any software, apps or services in Saanich Schools, please consider the following statements.

    If you can answer “yes” to all of these, the resource meets use requirements (please keep in mind changes/updates to the resource which may cause you to change your answers).

    • The resource upholds the values of our competency-based curriculum.
    • The resource is inclusive and respectful of all learners.
    • The resource is free and does not require a licence or subscription.
    • The resource can be used without student login or student information (name, nickname, number, email, etc.)
    • The resource is easy to access and does not require installation (this includes both online and iPad apps and extensions). 
    • The resource is free of advertising and does not collect information on users.

    If you answer “no” to any of the statements above, please complete the SAS request form.

    SAS Request Form Link

    Please note, all requests follow a process that measures the resource against our district values and priorities. This process can take time. You may be contacted for more information and will be notified when your request has gone through the process.

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