• Evergreen Support Site

    School District #63 Saanich uses the Evergreen ILS, supported and hosted by the BC Libraries COOP, which calls our province wide community "Sitka"

    All 15 libraries share a Global Catalogue which is stored on a server located at the BC LIbraries COOP Office. Connections to this server are made via a client installed on our circulation computers.

    This support page provides information about common tasks and practices when using Evergreen

  • Frequently asked questions

    How do I make an inactive patron active?

    In the patron record, scroll down and click in the 'Active' checkbox to make an account active. 
    If you are encountering a number of inactive accounts, please let me know as there may be a problem. 

    • Getting Started with Evergreen

      The first thing you will have to do before you can access Evergreen is to create a new password.

      1. Go to this link: https://bnsp.bc.catalogue.libraries.coop/eg/opac/password_reset

      2. Enter your Evergreen username. Do not enter anything in the Barcode area.

      3. Open your school district Zimbra email address to find the Library Account Password Reset email. Open the link and follow the steps to create a new password.

      Installing and opening Evergreen Staff Client

      Log into the computer, open your 'Files' and open the Shared folder (under Bookmarks in left column).

      Right-click the folder named Evergreen, and choose copy to.. (Choose Home as the destination).

      Then, navigate to the Home location and open the Evergreen folder.

      Right click the diamond shaped Evergreen file.

      Select ‘Properties’ then ‘Permissions’ – make sure there is a check for ‘Allow executing files as programs’. Click ‘Close’.

      Now, double click Diamond shaped file again to open.

      The Start up page should open.

      Enter the Server Hostname: catalogue.libraries.coop

      Change the Locale to: en-CA:English (Canada)

      Click ‘Enter’. The status should change to 200:OK.

      If the status does not change to 200:OK, click 'Re-test Server'.

      The workstation name should populate the Workstation field. Click Register.

      Enter your username and password.

      An Icon should appear on the Launcher on the left side of the desktop. Right click and select Lock to Launcher.

      Configuring toolbars, setting search preferences, and using the column picker in Evergreen

      Configure Toolbars

      1. Go to Admin (top right corner) → Workstation Administration Toolbars Current.

      1. Choose a group from the list.

      Circ – Circulation Toolbar - this is probably what you will use most at the beginning

      Cat – Cataloguing Toolbar – for when you’re ready to do some cataloguing

      1. Go back to the above menu, the one that says ‘Current’ at the top. Select Set Workstation Default to Current. The selected toolbar group is set as default for this workstation.

      To clear an existing setting click Clear Workstation Default.

      More information about setting up your workstation:

      Sitka Evergreen Training Manual - 5.7 Workstation Administration

      Set Search Preferences

      You can choose to set up a default search library and preferred library for a workstation.

      1. Go to Admin → Workstation Administration → Set Search Preferences.

      2. The preferred search library determines which library’s results show up at the top of the search results list. For regular circulation and catalogue searching, it might be helpful to set both options to your own library. Use the down-pointed arrow to list the options. Click your choice and Save.

      If you are adding new items, be sure to search all of Sitka so you can see all the possible records for your item. The Search Library can be easily overridden on search screens by using the dropdown list in Search Library box.

      Column Picker

      When data is displayed in columns, you can click and drag them, add new ones, or remove them.

      • Click on the Column picker icon (circled in red in image above).

      • Select and de-select fields to display

      • Change the order of the columns by clicking and holding down on the heading and then dragging the heading to where you want it to be.

      • You can save your new column settings. Each display page has a slightly different way of saving your settings, so try these options:

        • Click the Save Columns button at the bottom of your screen

        • At the bottom of the column picker drop-down menu, click Save Columns

        • Right click anywhere in the column display area and click Save Columns at the bottom of the menu

    • Registering/ Moving patrons

    • Circulation

    • Cataloguing

    • Receipts

    • Reports

    • Lost and Missing items

    • Evergreen Support Videos

    • Sharing resources

      To easily circulate items between schools, we need to use the codabar barcodes. 

      Basically, you add all your items to a bucket, change the circulating library to the borrowing library and then check the items in to put them in transit.

      The borrowing library checks the items in and then can circulate as usual. 

      The process is reversed for returning items to the original library. 

      Click the link for complete instructions

    • Barcode Scanner Support

    • BC Libraries COOP Support

      SD63 uses the BC Libraries COOP shared service ILS (Integrated Library Software) called Evergreen, which is a union catalogue of Libraries all over BC, made up of Public, Municipal, Post-Secondary and small independent school libraries. We all share one large database of 1.8 million records and have a consistent interface and support structure to share the hosting, upkeep, backup and bandwidth among all the members of the COOP.