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    Welcome District cell phone users.

    As you have been made aware of already, the district is moving over to Telus in order to take advantage of the TSMA agreement with the province.

    The date has been set for transition, which will be May 22, 2013.  In order to be prepared for this transition iPhone users need to back up their phones prior to this date, so that the data can be transfered over after the switch.

    The best way to back up your phones is to use the icloud.  It backs up your data whenever you are connected to wi-fi.  It is easy to setup.  Please follow the instructions from the link below. This backup procedure will backup your district email settings, so all that should be necessary is to re-enter your password once moved over to the new phone.  There is no difference if you are moving from an iPhone4 to 4S or 4S to 5.

    Before you back up your device please be sure you are on the latest version of iOS.  On your phone go to Settings -General - Software Update.  Here it will tell you if your software is up to date or needs updating.  If it does please update. 

    • Telus Employee Plans

      As part of our agreement with Telus we have the opportunity to get personal cell phone plans at a discounted rate.  Please talk to Andy Farintosh at Victoria Mobile about your cell phone needs.

      Andy Farintosh
      3300 Tennyson Ave
      Victoria, BC
      (250) 475-2425 

      At times there are specials that come up.  We will make sure that the latest information is posted here.

      Please use the following PDF as a reference when looking for cell phone plans.  

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