Barcode Generator Instructions

Setting up the barcode generator

1.      Click on the barcode generator file you would like to use (below). One displays the student number and the other does not.

2.      This automatically downloads the .html file to your computer’s ‘Download’ file.

3.      Click on the arrow in the download display at the bottom of the page and select ‘Show in folder’.

4.      Drag the barcode Page file to your desktop or another location of your choice.

5.      Open the barcode Page file. This should open a browser window (Chrome or Internet Explorer).

6.      Bookmark this page for future access. The time time you need to use it, you can just click on your Bookmark. 

Using the Barcode Generator

1.      Enter the student number (barcode) and student name.

2.      If there are more than six, click ‘Make my Barcodes’ after entering the first row and repeat.

3.      If there are not enough to fill a complete row, click in the radio button above the last barcode/ name you entered.

4.      After all barcodes are entered, click ‘Switch to SD63 Header’.

5.      Right-click on the screen and select ‘Print’

6.      If you are using Chrome, click on ‘More Settings’ and reduce the scale to fit all your barcodes on one page.