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Adding a Book Resource

Site: SD63 Online Collaboration Hub
Course: Moodle
Book: Adding a Book Resource
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Date: Saturday, 10 April 2021, 2:29 PM

Add Book Resource Step 1

The following instructions on How to Use Book Resource we made in a Book Resource.  Notice the Table of Contents on the left and next/previous arrows on the right.


Click on Add an activity or resource

Add an activity or resource.png

Choose Book

book add a.png

Step 2

Give the Book a Name and Consider changing the Appearance > Save > Click on new Book to edit further

Book 1 (1).png

Step 3

After clicking on the Book Resource you will be able to create your first Chapter and add Content.  Once this chapter is saved you will be able to add new chapters and sub chapters.

Book 2 (1).png

Step 4

At this point you will have a TABLE OF CONTENTS with options to edit and add new Chapters.

Book 3 (1).png

Step 5

Once you have more than one chapter you will have the ability to reorder chapters in the Table of Contents.  You must always edit individual chapters by clicking on the gear icon in the Table of Contents.

book 4.png