Automatic Backups
Courses are backed up every night and the last 5 backups are kept.  These are full backups with all user data. (ie assignments).  Click on Restore in your Course Administration Block to see Automatic Backups.  Teachers cannot backup a course with user data included - see your site manager or use/download one of your Automatic Backups.

What is user data?
• Enrolled students

• Forum posts
• Student assignments
• Quiz results
• Gradebook information
If you are concerned about keeping Gradebook information export your gradebook to a Spreadsheet and save that information off the Moodle site.

To backup your course without user data

  1. Login to your school Moodle site
  2. Navigate to the desired course
  3. Go to the Administration > Course Administration
  4. Click on Backup
  5. Leave all boxes ticked to get a full backup of your course without user data.
  6. Scroll down  -  click on continue
  7. The default name specifies exact date and time of backup
  8. Scroll down  -  click on continue
  9. and again Scroll down  -  click on continue
  10. You will now be looking at the Course and Private backup area for your course and profile 
All course backups can be accessed at any time by clicking on Restore in the course.

If you would like the backup saved elsewhere you can download it.