Moodle Rollover Instructions for Teachers and Office staff
This document discusses... 
... of Moodle courses (teacher web pages)

Automatic Backups
Courses are backed up every night and the last 5 backups are kept.  These are full backups with all user data. (ie assignments).  Click on Restore in your Course Administration Block to see Automatic Backups.  Teachers cannot backup a course with user data included - see your site manager or use/download one of your Automatic Backups.

What is User Data?
• Enrolled students
• Forum posts
• Student assignments
• Quiz results
• Gradebook information
If you are concerned about keeping Gradebook information export your gradebook to a Spreadsheet and save that information off the Moodle site
The goal of these instructions are to...
• Ensure that teachers can backup their courses.
• Provide teachers with courses for the next semester/year without user data from the previous semester/year