Viewing New Resources added to the Elem/Mid/Sec Resource Collaborate - New Resources page

When adding a resource to your Learning Commins site, remember to add it to the Elementary/Middle/Secondary Resource Collaboration - NEW RESOURCES page.  Use the description field to document your rationale for adding the resouce to the site.  This will help colleagues understand why you added the resource.

Go to the appropriate Elementary/Middle/Secondary Resource Collaboration - NEW RESOURCES page, click on the resources link found in the activities block on upper left hand corner of the page.  This will provide you with a list view of the new resources that TLs have added with the description field where TLs will provide a rationale for why the resource was added.

If there are resources that you would like to add to your site, simple copy the URL, download the file, etc., and add the resource to your Learning Commons Site.  Twice a year the Resource Collaboration - NEW RESOURCES page will be added to the appropriate Elementary/Middle/Secondary Resource Collaboration - MASTER LIST page.  The NEW RESOURCES page will then be emptied of resources, so that new resources may be added.  Please check the MASTER LIST page to make sure that the resource you wish to add is not already present on the MASTER LIST page.  We will give you a couple weeks notice when we are thinking of clearing out the NEW RESOURCES page.

Elementary Resource Collaboration - NEW RESOURCES - Elementary TLs add new resources to this page
Elementary Resource Collaboration - MASTER LIST

Middle Resource Collaboration - NEW RESOURCES Middle TLs add new resources to this page
Middle Resource Collaboration - Master List

Secondary Resource Collaboration - NEW RESOURCES Secondary TLs add new resources to this page
Secondary Resource Collaboration - Master List

Last modified: Wednesday, 30 April 2014, 9:08 AM