Elementary/Middle/Secondary Resource Collaboration

When a TL adds a new resource to their site they should add it to the appropriate Resource collaboration course as well.  This course follows the same topic organization as each (Elem/Mid/Sec) Learning Commons site.

This gives the opportunity to add the resources to each site through merging the appropriate Resource collaboration course to a Learning Commons course.

The _______ resource collaboration - New Resources course will also be merged with a master list resource collaboration course to maintain a complete list of all curated resources at each level.

New Resources Collaboration courses and Master List Resource Collaboration courses:

Elementary Resource Collaboration - NEW RESOURCES - Elementary TLs add new resources to this page
Elementary Resource Collaboration - MASTER LIST

Middle Resource Collaboration - NEW RESOURCES - Middle TLs add new resources to this page
Middle Resource Collaboration - Master List

Secondary Resource Collaboration - NEW RESOURCES - Secondary TLs add new resources to this page
Secondary Resource Collaboration - Master List

To import new resources to a master list or a learning commons course:  

  • The new resources collaboration course must first be backed up. 
  • Go to the learning commons or master list course where the new resources are to be added.
  • Select import in the settings block and choose the corresponding new resources collaboration course, select only activities, and select only the labels and resources that are to be added.
  • The imported resources will be added to the bottom of each corresponding topic/content area sections.  Re-organize the imported resources as needed.
Last modified: Thursday, 8 May 2014, 8:50 AM