ILC - Digital Resources Course

To give students access to ERAC resources at ILC.  The secondary curated ERAC resources iframe page has been embedded as well as the full list of all ERAC databases.

Changed Permissions at Course Level:

Under Block
Removed Teacher Permissions to:

  • Edit a block's settings
  • Manage blocks on a page

Changed Permissions on Specfic Resources: 

  • (Secondary curated ERAC resourses) LABEL - found in topic 0
  • Pages/Forums/URLs/Images linked elsewhere LABEL
  • ERAC Resources full list PAGE
  • Activity Report (Learning Commons site statistics) URL

Removed Teacher Permissions to:

  • Hide/show activities
  • Manage activities

Information about ILC Digital Resources Course

  • Secondary curated ERAC resourses embedded iframe was put in a label located in topic 0
  • ERAC Resources full list PAGE is located in orphaned activities
Last modified: Friday, 2 May 2014, 9:56 AM