Procedures for Teachers Using Web-based Tools with Students

When a teacher asks students to use a web-based tool that involves a student providing any personal information such as:

  • username/email address (when signing up for the tool)
  • likeness/pictures/audio/video
  • location
  • personal demographics etc

the teacher should follow these guidelines: .....

  • Send home a customized Web-based Tools Letter that:
    • Outline what web-based tool(s) will be used and the educational rationale for using the tool
    • Describe the ways in which the web-based tool(s) will be used
    • Explain what a student needs to do to use the web-based tool(s) and what personal information they may be providing.  Ie. an email address
    • Review the terms of use and privacy policies of the web-based tool(s) that they wish to use with students and include any pertinent information, ie. age restrictions, etc

  • On the reverse of the letter, attach the Web-Based Tools Consent Form for parents to give consent
  • Provide your school administration with a copy of your letter for their records
Please email a copy of your letter to parents to so that it may be shared with others.

Last modified: Wednesday, 21 June 2017, 1:24 PM