Specific Policy items related to Web Based Tools

Policy Name: Use of Technology and Information Systems  No: 3130

Guiding Principles (p 79)

7. Parents are required to give consent before students are permitted to participate in teacher driven use of web-based tools where personal information may be used.  Where consent is not given an alternative must be provided. 

Administrative Procedures

12. Web-Based Tools (p 85)

a) The district recommends teachers utilize district provided and hosted web-based applications such as Moodle and Elgg.

b) Schools and teachers may also request that students use other web-based tools, not hosted by the school district, to create and share their learning. 

Using these tools, students may:

Create accounts using personal information (i.e., email address)

Publish/present student pictures/video/audio, with names and personal information

Create/communicate/collaborate/network in online communities

c) When web-based tools are used parent consent is required if any of the above (b) occur. Teachers will obtain parent consent through the use of the web-based tools consent form and a cover letter outlining (b), as well as, the educational purpose for using the web-based application.

d) Terms of use should be followed when using online tools.

e) Internet safety, digital citizenship and literacy will be taught explicitly and revisited regularly. Teachers and students will be learning alongside children in Saanich schools, our school district, and around the world. As a general safe practice, when interacting with any web-based service, students should take care and avoid posting personal information that could be used to identify themselves or other people. Student's personal information may be accessible by others with the creation of an account on a web-based tool, through the content created and published by students and the actions of others.

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