Guidelines for using a SD63 school based Twitter Account


  • school accounts have been reserved by IT - naming convention - @sd63schoolname

  • account should be themed using the same graphics as the school webpage

  • have a link back to the school webpage

  • Follow other sd63 twitter accounts

  • Use Shared District Group Emails to control and setup School Twitter accounts with an admin and account user receiving notifications


  • have proper permissions to share student personal information - reference form #s

  • celebrate school culture

  • school news

  • district news

  • District documents to share with Parents

  • All RT/MTs - should be directly related to your school culture

Content Guidelines

  • consider the twitter feed to be the same as the front page as the school website

  • decide on a school hashtag - check first how much a potential hashtag is being used, choose one that will be unique to your school.  Good example:  #sd63 #stellys  Poor examples:  #school #education.  Hashtags will be a way to connect people to your school

  • District Hastags to Use

  • #sd63 for general district information and news, #sd63learn for professional development, #sd63tl for the Teacher-Librarians,

Twitter Mentorship

  • Mentorship is available to new twitter users, please contact: Brock Simmonds for help.

Professional Twitter Use

  • Tone, content, activity all influence the accounts image and perception.  Important to pay special attention to what is tweeted, shared, retweeted, and favourited.  Most of the activity on twitter is shared in ways you may not anticipate.

  • Twitter account should be cohesive with the other communication that is coming out of the school (billboard, website, newsletters)

Twitter Resources

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