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Before you can start work, you will need to complete the following training to learn about our safety policies and procedures, learn how to administer epinephrine, and learn about the safe use and handling of hazardous materials in the workplace. See below for how to return your completion certificate/sheets.

Step 1 - Complete the Health and Safety Orientation

  1. Access our online course: New Employee Health & Safety Orientation On-Line Training   For more information about username/password and other course details, click: HSO Detailed Instructions
  2. Return a copy of your completion certificate. 

Step 2 - Complete the Anaphylaxis Awareness Training

Required for all employees except Custodians, Maintenance and Grounds Workers.

  1. Watch the video: How to Use Epipen Auto-Injector
  2. Review SD63 Anaphylaxis in Schools and Administering Medication to Students policies and procedures: Admin Procedure 316 Administering Medication, Admin Procedure 317 Anaphylaxis in Schools, Admin Procedure 403 Responding to Allegations of Intimidation and Harassment
  3. Sign and return the completion sheet:  Anaphylaxis Awareness Signature Sheet

Step 3 - Submit your First Aid Certification

Some positions require Emergency First Aid Certification. Bring your Certification Card to Human Resources/Health and Safety to have a copy made for your employee record. If you require First Aid training, register for a course then advise Human Resources/Health and Safety of your registration date. Click here First Aid Training providers for a list of training providers.

Step 4 - Check Site Procedures

If you work in multiple locations, when you arrive be sure to check with each school to learn about site-based occupational first aid attendants, fire wardens, muster stations, and evacuation procedures.

Step 5 – Review How to Report Incidents

If there are incidents within the workplace that result in injury or near-miss, you are encouraged to speak to your supervisor. You can also submit a report directly through the following links. With your login information provided by our IT department, log into Employee Self Serve (ESS) http://ess.saanichschools.ca/., click on My Info > Dashboard, and select the Health and Safety tab. Familiarize yourself with the Saanich Schools Safety Software section on how all staff can report incidents through the software system provided.

Return your completion certificate/sheets promptly:

Choose one of the following options...
  • Scan and Email to humanresources@saanichschools.ca
  • Deliver to the Saanich School Board Office, 2125 Keating Cross Rd.

Human Resources is not able to create your new employee record until your health and safety completion forms are submitted. 

Last modified: Thursday, 26 October 2023, 9:29 AM