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    How can I help solve my technology issues

    There are two ways you can help solve Information Technology problems in your school:  

    1. Urgent problems, phone the Helpdesk
    2. Less urgent help submit a Helpdesk ticket via email.  

    When to call Helpdesk?  250-652-7336

    What makes a good ticket? 

    As a general rule the more help you can provide in your email the faster we can solve the issue.  A helpful ticket includes a concise subject line summarizing the problem and an email body with a description of the problem in terms of what you were expecting and what actually happened.  

    It would help us if you include as many of the following points in the original Helpdesk ticket, or follow up with any as they become available.

    • Clear subject line (do not put the explanation in the subject line) 
    • What you were doing and what technology you were working with. eg Were you on the Ubuntu workstation in the Learning Commons?  A Chromebook on wireless?
    • What steps did you take to cause the problem?
    • What were you expecting to happen?
    • What actually happened?
    • What was the approximate time the issue first occurred and how often it occurs? Can you recreate the problem or is it apparently random? 
    • Include screenshot(s) if possible (e.g. expected output, actual output, and error messages.)
    • Any troubleshooting steps you've already taken. For example, can you log out and try again, or do you have to reboot the entire workstation?  Were you able to work around the problem and accomplish your task anyway? How?
    • Send the message to only.  There is no need to CC or address it directly to any IT staff, it will get assigned by the Helpdesk to the appropriate individual who will update you on the progress.
    • Include one issue in a ticket. If you have two problems, please file two tickets.
    • Do not ever include passwords in a ticket.

    If you are requesting Apps to be added to School iPads please go to IT Support and our iPads and JAMF page