Topic outline

  • General

    School District #63 provides wireless (Wi-Fi) access to the Internet and local network resources at some schools and facilities for educational and administrative use under the district technology plan. This page describes the wireless services available and provides guidance to staff and students on configuring their devices for wireless access.

    • Wireless coverage

      The Information Technology department deploys and manages Wi-Fi installations following the procedures set out in district policy #3130, "Use of Technology and Information Systems". The policy defines the following levels of coverage:

      • Secondary schools and administration offices have no limitations on wireless coverage, and access is available in most areas.
      • Middle schools have wireless coverage in adult workplaces (offices and staff rooms) and at most 25% coverage of student areas.
      • Elementary schools have no wireless installations, except as specifically authorized by the Superintendent.

      Please refer to the district policy manual for more details about wireless coverage and installation policies.

      • Which wireless network should I use?

        Staff and students should choose the SD63 network to get Internet access on personal phones, tablets, and laptops. See below for configuration instructions.

        Parents and visitors should choose the SD63 Public network to get Internet access. When you connect to this network, a usage agreement will be displayed, and Internet access will be enabled after you accept the terms.

        Equipment owned by the district and managed by the Information Technology department or by school technicians will be configured for the SaanichStaff network. Access is only granted to registered devices.